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Tips on Styling

Things I've learned through trial and error

Whimsy and focus and finding what works

Design with Surprise


Every new sale is both an opportunity for fresh layouts and an opportunity to try something new

Evaluate the Space. Over and Over.

I don't consider myself an expert, I went to school for graphic design and learned a few tricks on how to make something look good on paper, but finding what is right in 3-D is another animal. I haul something across a room, tugging and pulling the piece of furniture to it's home only to realize it's just not right. Why? Don't know, but my eye takes the room in and knows. Is it balance? Is it texture? Not sure, but I just sort of know . . . or atleast suspect. But it's only confirmed after I lug the furniture to the new spot that might work better. I re-evaluate and either feel it's right, or not quite there yet and I scan the room again.

Find the anchor, make it unexpected

I find myself looking for a piece that both takes up space and is also inspiring”

An anchor needs to have substance, it needs to be interesting and something that can showcase other items, either items for sale or showcase seasonal change. I find myself looking for a piece that both takes up space and is also inspiring, bonus points if it makes someone smile. For example, a big vintage bike is both interesting and a piece that can be utilized over and over to add style and interest. If it's spring, I may add a bouquet of fake tulips in yellow and pink to the basket. During winter the bike can have snowflakes or evergreen sprigs hanging from tire spokes, summer may be bright flags spelling an inspiring word across it's body.

Get Inspired

Once you have the anchor piece, keep a fresh eye and a playful sense of humor, find items that compliment it but sometime also are in juxtaposition to the piece. I like finding a similar feel in the items that I group together, but I'm careful not to repeat something too much.


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